As a big fan of wine, I have tried my first beer at my 25 because of my company. We – classmates used to go to our fav places, experiencing crazy basketball Lithuanian fans around, having talks on every possible topic a human being can think about, meeting important days of our lives together, listening live music, dancing till we could stand… This was a year ago.

We all five come from different countries and nowadays spread around Lithuania, Latvia, Serbia, Czech Republic.

Just yesterday I have arrived in Lithuania, met with my classmate and his nicest roommate, had a very long talk full of new stories that I appreciate so much!

My classmate loves travelling but he is more patriotic. Would like to have stability, settle down, searching for a job.

Then we started speaking what we do, how do we do, all about future…


I was heading a long, 22h, route. Happily, no one was sitting next to me. I occupied double seats and picked a movie played by my favourite lady – Julia Roberts.
(Btw, just a few days ago PEOPLE’s nominated her as 2017 World’s Most Beautiful Woman – I should say, intellectual and beautiful lady).

Suddenly she decides she does not want anymore the situation (good job, husband, friends, relatives) she is in and leaves everything. I was watching and thinking ‘this is me! This is so me!’

925419 - EAT PRAY LOVE
Julia Roberts as “Elizabeth Gilbert” and Hadi Subiyanto as “Ketut Liyer” in Columbia Pictures’ EAT, PRAY, LOVE.

And now back to the conversation – I said I want to be free. He tried to assure me that I must have responsibilities. But does this two suspend each other?

One day or another I will disconnect to a very exotic place, meditate, do yoga, learn a new language, see something that makes me impressed (definitely not fancy shopping centers, high/beautiful buildings).

Oh, and what’s the most important – I know where I should leave.


But now, I am leaving to nearby for praying and eating. And the last one… does not exist.
Do you have your version?


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