Do not expect here stories of big adventures, neither performers, no shopping centers and beautiful countries, neither evidences for aliens. No, no, no! Very casual story that I found super fantastic probably you would do the same, keep going and you will see. It was Saint Jonas day celebration. Venue nearby the Kaunas castle.
I am sitting on a staircase-kind-chair next to Tautvydas, Maja is next to him, Tamta on my right. Since the first semester it’s already our habit to join the national holidays. Lithuanian mate has a responsibility to be a permanent guide.
A stage in front of us and behind is a river Nemunas. Hundreds of people around, couples, children, parents, grannies. Lithuanian team of three girls appeared on a stage, performing folk songs, melodic, dynamic, accompanying hips to the music. I ask the core idea, my local classmate says language they apply for is so old cannot even understand a word. We, me and my Georgian friend, trying to join and enjoy the process and repeating the refrain. Lithuanian, Slovenian, Gypsy, Ukrainian. From three singers two have very long hair, as most Lithuanian modern ladies, their colourful traditional costumes cover their legs. Guys, playing on different instruments, are scattered at the stage.

A lady with two gentlemen occupies sits next to us. One of the men enriches environment with shouting and applausing. Alcohol warms up even cold Baltics I think.
A new rock band appears on stage. Only guys, with long hair and extraordinary outfits as common for this community. We cannot stand any more sitting on a place and rushing to the stage where is kind-of dance floor. We are in sneakers but the stone-made road still hurts. Never mind! The music plays. Artists perform and world-famous pieces and we all are in. Elders and olders. Granny, in her 70s, gave a handbag to relatives and joined the dance floor. This was cool, no, it was ‘grand’ as Irish would say. Probably, for her there was nothing special and sensational but to me it was something very important.

This song is just a random one they have performed at the venue.

I always go back to my background and bring the samples from Georgian reality, probably cause this is very big part of me. I cannot leave the country and leave everything behind. All I wanted to say with these several hundreds of words was that I have never seen old people dancing before, literally, never. And I love dancing so much, I am never tired and always had a little thought in my heart saying myself that even when I get older, I will dance and will always remain a young and wild spirit I have now. This is for old age. As for a bit younger age. If I ever have children, I will take them to the rock concerts where grannies are dancing as well, not to be shocked in their 20s, as I did. 🙂


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