Relocating on the next level…

I am happy for:
We are one the next level. Thomas got an idea to split the old structure of card game, deconstruct it in a way, that makes the game easier, funnier, more encouraging, more attractive for youngsters. But! the main principles – educational and strategic – remain.
So, after a month or more silence, we finally visualize new concept and here it is.

Final Cover ENGO

What makes me anxious:
We both work from distance. For somebody probably it does not make a sense, but I have found out to me it does, actually.
We have the moment now, when I am the one suppose to push and work as Thomas works on his first book. He even suggests to stop or destroy this project. We cannot do this!
The only thing I need is a motivation.


ENGO Got a Shape!

Time is ticking, passing, running.
We keep unfaltering working. However, our enthusiasm only is not enough to reach the goal!

We are almost one a┬ávery final stage – searching colours, shapes for ENGO (You know, we have found the words a long long time ago). How much time and energy does it take? Well, we do not count anything for our beloved ones, do we? Same here!

And finally! Here is a prototype for ENGO.
We might make some cosmetic changes there. Here you can see the basics.

Go to the link and donate, please.


Here We Tell About The First Test Game!

We have a super great news we should share with you.

We have organised the first testing game to the wider audience in Lille, France. Five amazing players joined the round of 90 minutes. The game has been easy to learn and joyful to play. Every person stood for their playing style. Diplomacy, culture and military flourished.
We have got the feedback and comments from players – thank you guys for your effort!