What makes you surprise in your 20s?

Do not expect here stories of big adventures, neither performers, no shopping centers and beautiful countries, neither evidences for aliens. No, no, no! Very casual story that I found super fantastic probably you would do the same, keep going and you will see.  Continue reading “What makes you surprise in your 20s?”


Tooth Made a Story

​- Hello, love. Have you come?
– Hi. I smile and bite lips, late for two minutes. She hates when somebody is late.
– Take a sit, dear. How are you?
– I’m great. I’m feeling relief after yesterday visit. Thanks! And I am preparing that infusion you recommended.
– ‘Umnitsa!’ she pronounces in Russian. OK, my love. Give a sec. and I am all yours! Continue reading “Tooth Made a Story”

My version for Eat. Pray. Love

As a big fan of wine, I have tried my first beer at my 25 because of my company. We – classmates used to go to our fav places, experiencing crazy basketball Lithuanian fans around, having talks on every possible topic a human being can think about, meeting important days of our lives together, listening live music, dancing till we could stand… This was a year ago.

We all five come from different countries and nowadays spread around Lithuania, Latvia, Serbia, Czech Republic.

Just yesterday I have arrived in Lithuania, met with my classmate and his nicest roommate, had a very long talk full of new stories that I appreciate so much!

My classmate loves travelling but he is more patriotic. Would like to have stability, settle down, searching for a job.

Then we started speaking what we do, how do we do, all about future…


I was heading a long, 22h, route. Happily, no one was sitting next to me. I occupied double seats and picked a movie played by my favourite lady – Julia Roberts.
(Btw, just a few days ago PEOPLE’s nominated her as 2017 World’s Most Beautiful Woman – I should say, intellectual and beautiful lady).

Suddenly she decides she does not want anymore the situation (good job, husband, friends, relatives) she is in and leaves everything. I was watching and thinking ‘this is me! This is so me!’

925419 - EAT PRAY LOVE
Julia Roberts as “Elizabeth Gilbert” and Hadi Subiyanto as “Ketut Liyer” in Columbia Pictures’ EAT, PRAY, LOVE.

And now back to the conversation – I said I want to be free. He tried to assure me that I must have responsibilities. But does this two suspend each other?

One day or another I will disconnect to a very exotic place, meditate, do yoga, learn a new language, see something that makes me impressed (definitely not fancy shopping centers, high/beautiful buildings).

Oh, and what’s the most important – I know where I should leave.


But now, I am leaving to nearby for praying and eating. And the last one… does not exist.
Do you have your version?