History of this project started because one of us was late. The idea for the game started from an excuse – ‘I have been working on a card game’. In fact, no one was working on the card game till then. Since then ENGO as the card game acquired a more tangible form. We have started to execute this marvelous idea and found it highly involving. We grasped that idea was playfully educating – why should not we continue?

Enjoyably Needful Game Of (cards)
In this card-game everyone can find a place to learn and have fun in a strategic, cooperative and educational way. All elements are connected to create an entertaining masterpiece.

Victory conditions are threefold: a. Military Might, b. Cultural Dominance and c. Champion of Wealth. Three possibilities, one choice – Yours:

Cooperation comes because we want not only to provide factual education, but also more practical one. This means a person cannot win if s(he) does not cooperate. Cooperation is based on trading cards in reach of player’s favorable victory.

If you are in a couple or in a small group – you can play ENGO.

  • Game is for 3 – 5 people;
  • Game duration – 45 – 90 minutes

We know that people are different having different styles. Thus, we suggest different playing styles that you, as a player, pick from the very beginning of the game.

Playing styles:

  • Prestigious patron;
  • Attacker;
  • Defender;
  • Diplomat;
  • Populist.

Special card structures will let you to choose the best way representing your style.
There are some conceptual sketches of card structures/ formations.
(P/A – Policies and achievements; GP – Famous people)

What is even more wondrous – the gameplay resembles simulation of real events. Person will be responsible for decisions regarding his own side. Figures are made as if ruling own’s country. Instead of talking about events you can engage and create your own combination of events.

Concerning factual information what is going to be inside? You will meet cards of famous people, real policies or military actions.

  • Generals we added will let you feel the taste of conquest.
  • Money will allow you to control economy.
  • It will also bring you a precious understanding about culture as you will meet writers, musicians, philosophers, economists and others of the same kind. You will be surprised by quotes which are connected to the great person. You will discover their mentality in one sentence!

What about strategic component?
Developing a strategy to achieve victory in one of conditions – is not that easy as it looks like. If a player grows only prestige or wealth, it can be quickly taken by enemy’s military. If the player develops military power only. His military can be influenced or bought by more prestigious or wealthy enemy. Mission is to find balance, sustain and prosper.

Where do you see cooperation in this game?
Cooperation is designed in a way that people cannot simply put cards one by one and collect points.
Square – fantastic thing.
In the game people will have three squares to achieve their victories. Squares have limit of cards being put. It means that reaching victory will be cooperative – people will change cards. It is helping your enemy to become stronger while first is your interest. Reaching win-win situations is the target.

Victory in the game is impossible without cooperation – it develops the art of negotiation.
You will find the balance. When cards are exchanged, there is more place on the square. This way adds points and give place for extra cards. When cards are changed, squares are emptied for new cards.

Goal of the game is to collect 20 000 – 25 000 points in a particular category. 

All of paths are engaging and fully balanced.
On those cards, there would be a representative picture and a description below. Some of earliest examples:

We need to raise €4000 for our project expenditures.

  • 60% will go on production;
  • 20% on advertisements (primarily Facebook; other platforms as Linkedin and wordpress are on our way);
  • 5% to Ulule; 
  • 5% on rewards;
  • 10% on logistical expenses.

We will print 700-1000 decks for the first edition. Price for each €30-35.

We are an international team from two different European countries: Georgia and Lithuania. We have participated in several projects which foster non-formal education. Inspired by good practices and being conviced that knowledge is substantial both in society and economy, we decided to work on this project to make educational activities more interactive and fun. Important facts and figures can be learnt differently – in Our way.
We are open to contact on our Facebook page

Our creative team looks like this:

 Teona                                                                 Thomas


HoBbies:                                                           HobBies:
Travelling                                                                Travelling
Filming                                                                     Writing
Movies & Reading                                                 Music & Learning
Meeting people                                                      Surprising people

_____                                                                       ______

Teona is not loosing a chance to visit           Thomas describes himself as ironic, creative
new places;                                                            ‘Books are worthless, but knowledge and
Is waiting for an old age to publish a              awareness acquired by them are priceless.’
book;                                                                         Has hitchhiked across 5 EU countries on
Can walk for hours;                                              budget;
Collects memories, pens.                                   Never ask him on future plans! Has no idea.