If you have some free time and will to share the stories of one start-up, this is a right place for you.
Honestly, I think this is not a popular topic for a mass society (there are funnier things to do), but I believe I have collected something to share.
So, if your patience was enough to read last three sentences, probably, you are reading this one as well.

Now, welcome!
This is my personal blog and I am Teona.
I think I am in a very interesting environment, regarding people I have around.

I was reading sketches of my friend – at the same time my partner with whom we founded ‘Colourful H20’ was sending messages – reminding my tasks, I was writing to our card designer and reminding his tasks, my Georgian friend in France was waiting my answer regarding a project, a designer from Pakistan was suggesting free of cost job (just because we are starters), my roommate was knocking on a door and telling her weekend stories, my MA supervisor was waiting for a draft paper (still have not sent, such a shame!) – and I got an idea. I should start writing.